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Ever-evolving technology has created a sense of urgency. Companies such as yours need to be on top of all of it. Your potential customers have constant access to the Internet, and their first step in researching a company is to reach for their phones and look you up. It is critical to have a well-designed and developed website. Here are few details you need to know about website design and development.

 User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

When we talk about UX/UI in website design and development, we have to remember that UX and UI are two very different concepts. People often mix up about UX and UI and in their misunderstanding, they underestimate their importance. By missing any part or confusing them, it will lead to inefficient website design and development.

User Experience (UX) - Website design & development

First and foremost, User experience (UX)

UX focuses on the design side of website design and development. The slightest mistakes in the details greatly impacts the usage numbers and traffic of your website, and can negatively affect your ROI. UX focuses on visual and interaction design, accessibility and usability, and website structure. Native layouts that fit in your nature of your business is the first thing your web visitors will notice. In addition to that, high quality graphics play a significant role in presenting the quality of your company. Good website design and development will directly affect the time your web visitors spend on your website.

User Interface (UI) - Website design & development

User Interface (UI)

UI focuses on the behavior of your targeted audience. There are different types of UI that are used in the website design and development process and by hiring UI experts, you can make sure that your website will reach your targeted audience and be of value to them. This is the part where you can see the conversion rate growth on your website.


Front-End Programming

Front-end, also known presentation layer, is the data translator. It is a key component of how your targeted audience translate or interpret your information from your designs and structures. It is important in website design and development that the information on your website understood by your audience is the message that you want to convey. Poor front-end programming will confuse your audiences and send out the wrong information. With different front-end programming languages such as XHTCL, CSS, XML AJAX, FLASH, JAVASCRIPT, it is important to choose and master the programming language to prevent misunderstanding.

Website design & development backend

Back-End Database Programming

Now that you have developed the message that you want to send, don’t forget about the platform that makes your website functional. Choosing the right back-end language and coding it correctly will be fundamental of the website design and development. Code it the way that lead your website a responsive website. With the right coding, your database will be easier to accessed and utilized.

Clean Search Engine-Friendly Code

The increasing usage of search engine has been directly affecting how website should function. A good website today needs to be found easily on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This is where clean search engine friendly come into place on website design and development. Optimizing your website will increase the leads direct from search engine. Top search results are what people looking for. Strong keywords and the right design bring you more website traffic.

website design and development

Compatibility Across Systems and Browsers

Personal Computers and Mobile

The variety of PC and mobile devices on the market has increased the challenges of website design and development. Different systems on PC such as Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and smartphone systems such as Android and iOS have each gained their fair share of users and continue challenge the web developers. As website developers, we make sure it is compatible with different operating systems.

Internet Browser

Web developers also need to consider the how the website will be displayed on different internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. With the correct coding, they will make sure the website is functional. Paying attention to increasing the compatibility during website design and development will bring a great experience to your website visitors. It will indirectly increase the conversion rate and time of your website visitors.

In a nutshell - The need for website design and development

The Need for Website Design and Development

In a nutshell, high quality website design and development is crucial in today’s business world. A functional and responsive website is a basic necessity to compete in today’s digital market. Effort and time are needed to establish a good and user-friendly website. Start building and creating your best version of website or you will be left behind in the digital world.

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