E-Commerce Website Design

Over 3.5 billion dollars transaction was made online just in 2015, according to QVC. Online shopping is unstoppable and it will to continue to dominate the retail business. The expansion of e-commerce has been extensively large, no business should give up the 198 million potential customers just because of the difficulties from e-commerce website design. So, what are the pros and cons of e-commerce site and where should you start from?

What’s So Great About E-Commerce Websites?

E-Commerce website design

The Store Never Sleeps

Best thing most important aspect of e-commerce websites – there is no time limit for your customers to shop or browse. 3 am in the morning? No problem! Your customers always have the time of the universe to shop at your online store without waking you up in the middle of the night to make the transactions. Without these time constraints, your business can potentially gain more customers than ever before and all made possible with an e-commerce website.
E-Commerce website design

Shipping Options Are Endless

If you provide shipping options, the whole world is yours. As we mentioned earlier, just in U.S. there are 198 million people who shop online. Imagine if your brick-and-mortar store could double or triple its reach! With online shopping (e-commerce website), your customers can shop from an apartment across town or from a house across the world. You can expand your business beyond what you’ve dreamed of simply by making your products available online and able to be shipped.

E-commerce Website Design

Design of an e-commerce website is crucial, especially because it is one of the most important trends of the year. E-commerce website design is equally important to the visual merchandising in your store, as well as the display and arrangement of your products. The more thought that goes into the design and layout of your e-commerce website design, the higher the conversion rate. This brings it back to business owners’ number one concern: return on investment (ROI). Great website design will strategically put your business ahead of your competition. E-commerce website design also need to be thoughtful. From the perspective of the customers, you need good Q&A section, an easy click for checking your products or service, easy payment process and many other factors. Every aspect of your e-commerce website needs to be addressed to maximize website traffic and conversion.


E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce website design comes down to the backbone of your online business – websites with a shopping cart solution and payment capabilites. There are several major platforms that being used for e-commerce website design, specifically e-commerce development. They are Magento, Stripe and WooCommerce, all let you have your wesbtie setup to sell producrs and services with a shopping cart and online payments set up easily.



This is a strong, powerful, well-supported platform owned by eBay. Magneto has been dominating the website design market for a long time and is very versatile, which makes it suitable for businesses who are ready to go big. For example, Nike, Zumiez, and Ghirardelli Chocolate.


This is a platform that is well-suited for small businesses, especially those who have hosted their website on WordPress setting. It is a plugin within WordPress that allows, and is good for businesses who just want add a page or two of shopping options in their website. For instance, New Balance and Taylor Swift’s UK store.

Hesitation will not lead you to the new world of internet. Technology blooming and shopping online is here. You are not just facing the competition from your local competitors, you are facing sites like Amazon, eBay and all other online stores. Having an e-commerce website is unavoidable. You need to hire expert website designers to build a great e-commerce website. Consult a professional today and start building your online empire!

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