Transforming “Just a Website” Into an Effective Tool

The C&D Granite Story

The Ad Company works with a wide variety of clients to optimize their websites and drive more customers to websites without extra offline advertisement expenses. We have the skills and organic search (SEO) knowledge to draw in customers to our client’s website without having to advertise on the radio, TV, or in newspapers. C&D Granite is one of our newest clients who we have had the pleasure of optimizing their website.

Before The Ad Company renovated their website, C&D Granite had an inefficient, ineffective website. Now C&D Granite has an optimized website that works for itself to gather leads and rank in the top Google search engine results for their industry. See the comparison for yourself of how The Ad Company transformed C&D Granites’ plain, inefficient website into an SEO tool that will continue to draw in new customers.

Getting to know the Customer and Learning the Customers Needs

The first step that we take when we join together with a new client is to communicate with them to learn what our new client truly wants and needs. We offer all of the five types of inbound marketing to our customers to maximize their leads and funnel down these leads to legitimate, qualified customers. The Ad Company is the one stop inbound marketing agency for all of your digital marketing and advertising needs.

We met with C&D Granite and learned how they hired a different marketing & advertising agency originally and how the agency’s technique wasn’t delivering the results C&D Granite wanted. Every inbound marketing agency is different in offerings such as long term partnerships, cost, and tactics used to get results. C&D Granite needed us to transform their website into an efficient tool and help them rank in the top search engine results. We heard this need loud and clear and optimized their website so that it could rank among the first in search results and be the first choice for leads looking for stone countertops in Minnesota.

Market Research and Consumer Behavior: Understanding the Target Customer

We have been in business for years and have learned the most efficient ways to learn our client’s pain points and discover their needs. By getting to know C&D Granite and their industry, we identified that their target market was previously missed with their old website design and marketing strategy. This often happens with inexperienced marketing companies that are using software and third party subcontractors to perform on-site and off-site SEO. Using propitiatory software, third party software, and our own minds – not just numbers and software – puts at an advantage for being able to put ourselves in the shoes of the target customer and write content that would appeal to them and be an effective tool for organic search – SEO ranking.

Some digital marketing agencies just want to increase “likes” on your small or large company social media pages. However, there is more to social media and inbound marketing than just likes. What benefit are page likes if you don’t appropriately engage with your followers to convert them into a loyal audience? The Ad Company has experience in the inbound marketing field and knows that “page likes” are just numbers unless we get your followers engaged and supply them with quality information so they can choose to work with your business. We know how to get the results you desire from your digital marketing agency.

We also checked in with C&D Granite to make sure we had the right understanding of their target customers. We asked questions about as what type of products they carried, if they had any qualities that they thought set them apart from the competition, and other questions that would ensure we had the best image of the target customer they were looking for. What we learned was that their website created by the past ad agency they worked with had been targeting 30-50-year-old non-professional males, which was the wrong demographic – type of customer. By choosing the wrong target customer, the previous marketing agency had not gathered sufficient leads for C&D Granite through their website and had to resort to radio ads, billboards, and TV commercials to generate website traffic that was still very low.

The Ad Company knew that C&D Granite’s website should have been targeted to women 35-65 years old. Women are typically the decision maker who is really making the call on what countertops to buy, not a blue-collar working man like the past agency thought. By targeting the right customers, we require less effort and way less money by using efficient organic search tactics to allow our customers to be found by leads at the exact right time. This leads to 14% higher conversion of leads than using offline ad techniques to bring in leads to your website.

Conversion Optimization: Flipping Old Websites into New Lead Generating Magnets

The Ad Company renovated C&D Granite’s website design completely. C&D Granite had a website, but it did nothing to benefit them or bring in leads from organic search. The website’s design had poor conversion and retention, resulting in having to use traditional outbound marketing & advertising to draw in customers, which was costly and inefficient.

A website, when you use the correct key words and CTA’s can bring in organic leads from search engines and costs you no extra advertising money. We completely transformed their layout & content on their website (see before and after pictures below) to optimize the entire website design for increased inbound leads and higher website conversion.


Before – C&D Granite Website

As you can see, we completely re-designed their website. The Ad Company created a brand new website layout that would appeal to the target customer. This website was much more appealing to women this time instead of the typical blue-collar man. The new website design included fresh, original content created that would also apply better to the target customer and be easier to read overall. The old design wasn’t built to convert customers, it was just there to give information. The new website we created is designed to convert users into customers. After we wrote the content, we integrated our SEO techniques through the entire website to make it appear at the top of search engines across the internet. We also updated their navigation and made the site as a whole more user-friendly and easy to operate.

This dramatic change has led C&D Granite rank in first results on Google in their industry and make it easy for customers to find them in the future, increasing conversion exponentially.


You Could Gain Quality Leads and Rank in Top Search Engine Results Too!

We hope this has shown you how The Ad Company provides expert help for our clients. Contact us and be our next marketing success story!