5 Social Media Marketing Must Haves

Successful social media marketing begins with a strategy. But even more important are the details that may seem small at the time, but can pay off if used properly. Here are some things to consider when working on your social media marketing. Some Social Media Marketing Must Haves, if you will.

A Picture Is Worth…A Lotattention grabbing image

With social media marketing, images are key! Not only do they grab attention, but they add depth and meaning to your content. Whether you use stock photos, infographics or clip art, images need to be a part of your social media marketing must haves and in every piece of content you write. Without proper images in your social media posts, your audience’s eyes will slide right past your content, and will be on to the next post in their news feed.

Piping Hot Content

Young people looking at exciting blog topic on a laptopIt’s easy to simply scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed to find content to repost. By looking to see what is going viral, you will have a general sense of the “feel” of the day. For example, if a significant sports event happened the night before, you may reference that in today’s posts. Then you have the curation vs. creation debate. There are dozens of tools out there to help you curate content from other sources, allowing you to utilize hashtags and mentions to reference both the topic and the author. In the end, though, having fresh, new content – YOUR OWN content can’t be beat – definitely part of your social media marketing must haves. Audiences devour fresh content like food, and if it’s quality content, they share.

Don’t Be “That” Guy at the Party

Deciding the tone and voice of your brand is important – straight off the bat. Do you want to be casual and fun, or more professional and informative? Every word you write on social media will effect how people see and feel about your business. Tread lightly if you are trying to be pithy and snarky; it could come back to bite you later on if you aren’t sensitive to what’s going on around you. Remember Kenneth Cole’s “Boots on the Ground” faux pas?

Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?What's up?

This is one of the social media marketing must haves many people still don’t realize. Social Media engagement is all about conversation. You can’t just slap a bunch of posts up on your feed and hope for the best. Talk to people, ask about their content, ask about their day, ask them about their dog. As long as you keep the lines of conversation open, people will see you – and your brand – as real people. Remember: keep the conversation friendly, appropriate, and relevant.

Content is King, Distribution is Queen

Bill Gates coined the phrase “Content is King” back in 1996 in an article in which he stated, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” What he couldn’t have known back then was just how dead-on he really was. The only question remains, if content is king, who is queen? Many have come up with candidates, but Distribution is the logical choice for Queen. Don’t underestimate the power of distribution of your juicy content. Give it the visibility it deserves across all social media platforms, or you risk siloing your marketing efforts, thus losing out on opportunities to connect with your audiences.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You ShouldBusinessman yelling through a megaphone

In any type of content marketing – or general use of the internet, for that matter – we need to consider how we are presenting ourselves. Just because you have a platform to stand on, and an audience to listen, doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to say anything you like without being held accountable. This applies to the types of content you post, the tone and words you use, as well as following the general rules of internet etiquette. Keep your words concise, your sentiments clear, and your cussing classy.

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