SEO is DEAD in 2016

seo is deadYep, we said it: SEO is dead. Do we have your attention now? Businesses, listen up! We can no longer say that SEO is the be-all-end-all of success in digital marketing. Yes, it is important for your website to be on the first page of Google. But what’s the point of getting there if you can’t stay there or convert the web traffic into customers/leads?

Ranking vs. Conversion

There is a distinct difference between organic ranking (SEO) and website conversion. So, you’ve done the work and your website made it to the first page on Google. Congrats! Now what? Ranking on the top page of Google is no small feat. To stay on top, you’ve got to earn it. Your website needs to be a powerhouse for leads. Otherwise, SEO is dead. If you can’t truly say that your website is converting, it’s likely that you are going to lose that top spot. And in the process you will lose out on business because you are spinning your wheels.

The whole point of having a website, aside from giving your customers a place to find you, is to attract business – generating inbound leads. Getting people to your website is great – now to get them to stay there and spend money.

seo is deadConversion Makes You Money

Take a good look at your analytics. What’s your bounce rate? Are people clicking over and staying there? What pages do your website visitors spend the most time on? These are critical questions that you need to answer. The user experience (UI) on websites is what ties it all together. If a visitor is clicking away after a few seconds of being on your website, that should tell you that they aren’t happy with what they see. Keeping it user-friendly with easy navigation will assist in a good user experience. Your visitor needs to be able to find what they are looking for, and find it quickly and easily.

How Does Your Website Look?

Another part of user experience is how your website LOOKS – the layout and design fuctions. Navigation bars need to be neat and straightforward. Fancy graphics are fine, but if it distracts or confuses the user, you need to simplify. The photo images that you use can make or break the conversion of your website. Choose images that catch the eye and speak to the user. They are much more likely to stick around if all of these things are taken care of.

Think You Know SEO?

We say SEO is dead, but is it really? That depends on how you look at it! Your website as a whole is only as good as the individual components. If all of the elements are solid, your site will convert like crazy. It’s no longer enough to be on the first page on Google; you need to earn the spot and keep it.