How to Use Pictures in Social Media Marketing

If you aren’t using images in your social media marketing you need to start…now. Photos are the most common – and most shared – type of content in social media today. In fact, photos accounted for 75% of content posted by Facebook pages worldwide, according to March 2014 research published on eMarketer. In our current state of social media, we tend to glaze over as we scroll. Pictures and images catch our eye, and we are more likely to like, share, retweet, and reblog the content. Not only do photos make your posts more interesting, they serve a purpose, too.

Using images in social media

A Tweet Without an Image Is Just a Tweet

More often than not, people feel lost in a sea of tweets. Unless you are a celebrity, large brand, or thought leader, you generally don’t have a million retweets. However, if you include images in your tweets, they are more likely to be seen. Brands are utilizing Twitter more and more, and the ones who are the most creative tend to “win Twitter” the most. A tweet with an image catches the eye before the user scrolls right past and misses the message – preventing you from losing potential business.

Facebook Friends - BFF.Two young women are hugging as a best friends.

Facebook Friends for Life

Facebook is still the number one social media network (with Twitter close on its heels!), and people love to share photos of their kids, their breakfast, and their dogs. The use of pictures on Facebook is the most common type of post and, according to the data, gets the most likes and shares. Links without images are not as an effective type of posts. They tend to get glazed over and scrolled past.

Instagram Rules the Roost

When it comes to how to use pictures in social media marketing, Instagram is the number one social media network. Not only can you share photos but Instagram added video sharing last year, making it a slick platform for visually-oriented brands. Selfies abound on Instagram, but savvy companies and public figures are using it in creative ways, ultimately making their brand and products reachable, relatable, and more real.

Instagram Rules!
Snapchat - Here today. Gone tomorrow.

And Then There’s Snapchat…

Snapchat was born as a way for users to share pictures that would quickly disappear. This is essentially what Snapchat does; a photo is taken and edited, and sent to another user. The picture “disappears” after a set amount of time. It sounds like a waste of time for brand, but Snapchat is transforming. Brands are using it more and more, using creative ways to draw customers in. Even if the message disappears quickly, it gets in front of potential customers. The more times a customer sees something from your brand, the more likely they are to seek you out.

Regardless of the social channel, images make all the difference in the world. If you don’t know how to use pictures in social media marketing, now’s the time to learn! Use our tips and “win” the Internet!