Original content in social media marketing should be one of the core goals in your social media marketing strategy. Sharing your knowledge and skills is the foundation of building an audience that is interested and engaged.

Thought Leadership - Social Media MarketingThought Leadership

With original content in social media marketing, the process of thought leadership becomes a lot easier. People love to follow smart people, and when you have original content – whether that be simply posted on your social channels or on your website – you become the go-to source for information and guidance. When people come across your content on social media and it’s something that they don’t know how to do or have been searching for, they are going to click on your link. Not only do you need to write original content, you need to write lots of it. Posting it on various social channels (cross-posting), will also bring a different set of visitors from each separate social network.

Increased website trafficIncreased Website Traffic

One of the biggest things in the importance of original content in social media marketing is that it brings in visitors. More visitors = more conversions. In turn, that means a better return on your investment (ROI). People will likely return to your site for information and services

Don't be "that" guyDon’t Be “That Guy”

While you think you may have something groundbreaking to share, you need to test it before you blast it. You do not want to be sending out a massive amount of tweets with the same content (you should be careful with that anyway!) without an idea if it’s going to relevant to your followers. A/B testing can be a very useful method of measuring your content’s share-ability, as well as its relevance. Share your content and links on different channels, at various times, with various keywords. This will give you a solid idea of what’s working. Gathering your data with an analytics tool will be invaluable in giving you direction on this.

Keep it cleanKeep it Clean

It is imperative to keep your content “clean.” By that we mean not copied from any other source. It is copyright infringement to directly copy and paste someone else’s content. However, if you find someone’s content that would be interesting and valuable to your audience, you must write your OWN content on it, with your spin, insight and original thoughts about the topic. Absolutely no part of the content that you write should be word-for-word of someone else’s. Think back to high school when you were writing papers. You got in trouble – and lost credibility – by copying someone else’s work. The same applies in business. Plus it is illegal – plagiarism!

What’s the Point?

What is the point?Original content in social media marketing is what is going to set you apart from the masses. When it comes down to it, use your best judgement and informed to decide how to use original content. It’s important to remember that the end user – your potential customer – is the most important audience.

Each industry will have different needs. Same with different business relationships. Marketing B2B is much different than marketing B2C marketing and requires a varied approach using a different set of social media outlets to reach and engage those customers effectively.