Keep Up Your Game

Technology advancement has changed the way of marketing world. Different marketing trends are created and improved every year to follow the steps of evolving internet and consumer behavior. Follow the steps, marketers have focused and emphasized on digital marketing – websites, SEO, social media, etc. Brands are realizing that digital marketing is where it’s at – it’s the dawning of a new era of marketing. No more repeating self-praised content; your customers need more than just words. Read on to learn about the marketing trends to watch in 2016.

Crush Your Content MarketingAudience is paying attention

YES, first and foremost, content marketing. Customers are paying more attention to your content. Every word or pictures you use in your ads, social media and even your website, are crucial to your brand. The right content will not only bring you new customers, but loyal customers.

Update your websiteKeep Your Website Up-To-Date

Say no to your outdated website. Update your website constantly and keep it up! Up to date information will generate more interest from your existing customers and bring in potential customers, as well. Remember, the bottom line is conversions and great return on investment (ROI). A great website design will help get you there.

Reach Out with Social Media

Social media changes like marketing trends, keeping us on the cutting edge of marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites play a significant role in most people’s daily lives, and utilizing them is one of the most important things to integrate into your marketing strategy. More social media = more exposure. Expand the opportunities to reach your audiences.

Talk to Your Customers

Forget about old formatted responses to your customers. In 2016, the user experience (UX) is important. Talk to your customers with the way you talk to a person, of course in a professional way.

Mobile friendlyKeep It All Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones are taking over the digital world. A mobile-friendly website is crucial and on our list of marketing trends for 2016, and it will continue to be in the next few years. Creating content and website designs that are mobile-friendly lets your customers and clients access the information they need anytime anywhere with their phones.

Remember the Importance of Word-of-Mouth

You might not expect to see this on the list of marketing trends to watch in 2016, but word of mouth is still important. Satisfy your customers and the rest will take care of itself when it comes to word of mouth. When people have a good experience with your service and company, they are going to tell people about it. Base your business on the satisfaction of your customers – that solid foundation will serve you well.

Data marketing vs. Insight Marketing

Even when there are new marketing trends, some golden rules never change. It’s important to not only focus on the data; focus on your customers’ needs, too. Data can be interpreted in different ways, so once you’ve aggregated the data you need, make your marketing plan according to what your customers want.

When it comes down to it, the most important thing to do is to keep your business on its A-game. Content marketing, fresh websites, social media marketing, customer service, and data analytics are what’s going to keep it that way. Reach your existing customers and potential customers through as many channels as you can. In the meantime, don’t let the customer experience get lost in the shuffle. Making your customers happy and keeping them up-to-date will help you succeed in your marketing efforts!