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Is your business on social media? It should be! With social media marketing, we can help you reach, engage, and inspire your customers and community!

Social Media Marketing – Not Just a “Necessary Evil”

In today’s world of technology, consumers are plugged in! Social media marketing presents a new opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers in a way that was that was unimaginable 10 years ago, in a fun and engaging way. To keep up with tech-savvy consumers and to keep your business on the cutting edge, you need social media marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy. Not everyone can simply “do” social media. To give your business the very best and most effective social media presence, you need a Social Media Strategy, including social media goals, optimized profiles, social listening, monitoring, reporting, and social media analytics.


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Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Connect with your customers on social media!


Facebook is the top social media platform for businesses. Reach & connect with your audience, showing them who you are as a business through videos, images & conversation.

  • Share company and industry related information and services
  • Post fun and engaging content to encourage interaction and personalize your business
  • Use highly targeted advertising on Facebook


Connect with followers in real time on this “micro-blogging” platform. Twitter allows a unique opportunity for encouraging conversation, 140 characters at a time, while leveraging keywords and hashtags.

  • Tweet about your company and industry
  • Retweet important materials for customers to see and respond to mentions
  • Promote original content for thought leadership


Use Google+ to connect your business with the community, and at the same time, rock your SEO! Connect with your existing customers, and reach out to potential customers with keywords and geolocation-based marketing efforts.

  • Post company and industry related updates
  • Connect with local customers through Google Maps
  • Use optimized SEO using keywords, hashtags, and localized marketing


Express your company’s personality and style while sharing great content to promote relationships with your customers. Connect with potential customers with targeted advertising.

  • Pinning company and industry related content, as well as others’ content
  • Following customers and other companies to promote a community feel 
  • Sponsored pins for promoting your products


Showcase your company’s expertise, products & values with informative and fun videos.

  • Edit and post company or industry videos
  • Connect with audience as well as track likes, views & comments
  • Advertise with highly targeted and effective YouTube ads


Connect with prospective employees, customers, and fellow industry leaders. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that allows you to establish thought leadership with LinkedIn’s on-site blogging platform.

  • Update business page with company news and events
  • Publish articles and posts for thought leadership
  • Highly targeted LinkedIn advertising


Increase brand awareness and showcase your products with pictures and short videos. Instagram is casual and interactive, and based solely on images, making it a very visually engaging platform.

  • Post photos of your products, events, and other industry-related things
  • Utilize keywords and hashtags to target your posts
  • Highly targeted Instagram advertising with sponsored posts

The Ad Company can help achieve your social media marketing goals through the following ways:

What is Social Media Management?

Social media marketing is all about building relationships. Not everyone can “do” social media marketing – it’s not enough to create a business page on Facebook and call it a day. You need to have a deep understanding of each social media platform, its strengths, and what it can do for your business. A social media marketing strategy is an integral part of social media because it allows you to take advantage of each social network, building a plan for leveraging it to achieve your goals. If you don’t know how to build a social media strategy, it’s important to take the time to learn. Many businesses – even in small business – hire a marketing agency to handle all of their social media marketing. This allows the business owner to focus on what they do best: run their business.

  • Brand Awareness

    Let the world know who you are and what you do! Attract new followers, and engage with your existing followers for increased brand awareness. Cultivate your fanbase to connect with your community and industry. Turn your fans into brand ambassadors.  

  • Social Media Monitoring & Listening

    Pay attention to details including monitoring, tracking, auditing and reporting the progress of every social media networking tool that works for your business. This enables us to know the current situation of your business and how we can help you communicate with the right audiences.

  • Increase Followers & Connections

    Get more “likes” and “followers” on social media! Attract new business and connect with prospective customers.  We connect with prospective customers and brand ambassadors to attract new business. Social media marketing is all about building relationships.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

    A social media strategy is a huge part of social media marketing. You need a strategy tailored to your needs, streamlined to effectively use social networking tools that will help you grow your business on the internet.

A Brief Take on Social Media Ad Management

Social media marketing often entails the use of social media ads. It’s important to incorporate the use of ads into your social media marketing strategy so that you can optimize your ads – you want them to align with your social media strategy, as well as your overall marketing goals. Monitoring these highly-targeted ads can ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars to grow your online presence.

Get Started On Your Social Media Marketing Journey

With our social media marketing services, you will have the advantage of knowing exactly what your audience is saying about you and your products. We work hard to ensure that your customers are feel informed, listened to, and happy!


The internet is filled with tons of information. We can help separate you from the rest. Get above your competition and get noticed.

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