Reputation Management

Having a positive first impression is important in business! Let your business shine with some online PR with reputation management.


A Brief Insight on Reputation Management

You would never show up for an important meeting looking anything less than your best. So why would you let your business’ online presence be any less impressive? Making a good first impression on users who search for your product, service, or brand makes a huge difference in your company’s success. Reputation management done right, ensures your business shines online. Reputation management is not only for those companies with negative reputation issues, it is also for those companies that are termed “successful” or “okay” in the eyes of their customers. Reputation management is the process of identifying what your customers feel about you, and developing effective strategies to make sure that their feelings or perception are in line with the goals of your business. Bear in mind that these perceptions or feelings can be expressed through words and actions which 90% of the time, are said and/or written online.

What do your customers think of you?

Catering to different categories and situations

Regardless of the situation or category of damages caused, we provide different reputation managent services to help your company soar amidst it’s challenges in the online world. We understand that nobody is perfect and that people often get emotional when they feel they have not been served well. Not because, the service was not good, but because for several reasons they did not feel satisfied with the service.  And so, negative results are born. We deal with the negative results in our own special way to help your company function well again.

Suppress negative search results

Suppressing negative search results is a function of pushing down negative reviews in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). We do this by getting other pages related to your business to rank higher in the results, thus pushing the undesirable items much lower on the SERP’s. To achieve this, we use social media, blogging, article submissions, social bookmarking, review sites, and other on-site and off-site methods.

Boost positive search results

Much like suppression, we accentuate positive search engine results. In the digital space, we can draw attention to the positive in a way that potential clients and customers pay less attention to the negative. What they see in the end is the glowing picture that is your business. This is also done using social media, blogging, article submissions, review sites, and other methods with the end goal of highlighting the positive things being said about and by you online.


Reputation Monitoring

A large part of Reputation Management occurs after you have set the ball in motion toward a very positive online reputation. You need to constantly monitor your online presence, to ensure your hard work is maintained. Monitoring an online reputation is a matter of searching for specific terms that are relevant to you or your business. By keeping a watchful eye out for the negative, we can take quick action to suppress anything should it arise. Keeping your reputation attractive to potential customers.









The Key to Successful Reputation Management

Some businesses operate successfully while others don’t. One thing that makes them different is the amount of time spent branding their images apart from their services. Most of this is done online where these businesses have websites, social media and other online materials. Reputation Management can be used to address issues of bad press and reviews whether true or untrue. Reputation management is also used to proactively manage your business online image and reputation. Make the decision not to loose customers, investors and business opportunities. Contact Us!


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