Marketing Analytics: Measure Your Success

Marketing Analytics to Track Your Progress?

Do you consider success a yardstick for your business’ progress? Or are you feeling the need to track your business’ online presence? The answer is simple yet not common. On many occasions, brands seem carried away marketing analytics numbers because it is seen as a basis of how well their businesses progress. The numbers do matter but results are better qualifiers of how well a marketing campaign is doing. Results retain existing customers and attract more customers.

Steps To Measure Your Success With Ease:

Measure Inbound Marketing Results With Analytics

The bulk of a website is based on the information the website provides. Now whether or not that information is effective is up for debate. From a critical standpoint, analytics gives ample information about a website and so accurate data reporting is important. By tracking overall website traffic, bounce rate, pages visited, time a user is on a particular page, did that page produce a resulting user action, and more. At the Ad Company, we employ our strong analytical skills to tweak the websites layout, SEO, marketing campaigns, website content, graphics, etc. The results drive quality and return of investment for our clients.

Monitor Ongoing Campaigns

Using technologies such as google analytics and bing analytics tools, we monitor your ongoing campaigns to improve constructive strategies for your businesses website in order to help you drive prospective business growth. These strategies will increase traffic in customer actions – form fills, phone calls, and other customer actions resulting in more customers.


Form Fills

We track every time a prospective client submits information thru a contact form on your website. By having several forms on a website we can customize each form for a different product or service. Furthering our ability to track the success of an inbound marketing campaign.


With website analyics, we can track overall effectiveness of a websites performance. Analyitcs shows us were a website ranks in organic search, paid search, and referral traffic. Which could be from social media marketing campaigns. From there we can adjust every aspect of our inbound marketing efforts.

Tracking Numbers

Tracking phone numbers are bought for the purposes of tracking a marketing campaign. The number is advertised on the desired page or advertisement. When a prospective client calls the number, it is automatically routed to your phone number with no interruptions or delays. Tracking numbers can also record calls to your business for further analyzing of sales staff performance.

  • New Visitors 85% 85%
  • Clicks 65% 65%
  • Conversion 96% 96%
  • Email Optins 81% 81%


Bounce Rate

How The Ad Company uses marketing analytics.

Marketing analytics serve as a means to achieving concise and efficient strategic marketing goals that drives quality return on investment (ROI). While most agencies are concerned with the numbers and ratings, we are more concerned with the overall value of your business’ worth to your audiences. At the Ad Company, we use marketing analytics to define and achieve your set goals as well as a medium that helps the spread of strategic digital marketing. Still confused about how to handle marketing analytics in your business? Let us do the job!


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