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How Do We Get Creative At The Ad Company?

The Ad Company is a full-service marketing and advertising agency able to handle all of your design needs. We provide a platform of limitless creativity with deep roots in traditional marketing and advertising. We have grounded knowledge in creative services like marketing (through radio, print, ad campaigns, etc.), digital marketing, graphic design, and web design. We use a blend of digital technology and talents from our team to improve our sphere of rapid creativity and results for our clients. We thrive in an engaging environment that provides the ability to produce the best working results for our clients. Lastly, we are well organized and calculated with the ideas that we produce.

Web design services

Web Design

In our ever-changing world of cutting-edge technology, websites need to be on top of our game. Web design is an integral part of creative marketing, because of the visual nature of human beings. When your customers go to your website, they want to see something interesting and eye-catching. Websites also need to be responsive and mobile-friendly for the best user experience, otherwise customers will likely click away from your page.  To attract and convert customers specific to your target industry and demographic, your web design needs to be in line with that.


Infographics are creative graphic illustrations of informational data that is laid out in a simplified format. This attracts your audience with the eye-catching format, and allows the audience to consume the data easily and quickly. Infographics are such a popular and successful creative tool because we are more likely to grasp the information in graphics better than we will with plain words. 

Infographic services

Content Layouts

Content layout for your website is one of the bare essentials for web design. To have a website that will attract customers and give them a great user experience, the site needs to well-planned, attractively laid out, and be pleasing to the eye. In today’s fast-paced world of technology, your potential customer will quickly decide – within seconds perhaps – if they should stay on your site. Your content layout is a large part of that, because consumers have developed a very low tolerance for poorly designed or built websites. Having a well designed and functional website makes people happy.

social media services

Social Media Artwork

Social media and creative artwork go hand-in-hand with branding your business. Your company’s social media creative image needs to be attractive – and consistent – across all platforms, including social media. Having great graphics and logos will attract customers’ eyes, as well as give them a great first impression.

Print Design

Even in the predominately digital marketing and advertising environment in today business environment, engaging in traditional marketing and advertising design is still and will always be a necessity. The Ad Company is still a full-service marketing and advertising agency, available to handle all your design needs. From print advertising (flyers, brochures, newspaper ads, product catalogs and billboards) to print management, we do it all.

Banner Ad Creation

You might have a love-hate relationship with banner ads, but the fact still remains that banner ads are one of the most powerful methods of online marketing today. A well-designed banner ad has significantly higher click-through rates than other types of ads. It’s important to remember that, with banner ads, less is more. You need to grab attention in fractions of a second, and a creative banner advertisment can do that.


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