All in One – Importance of Inclusive Marketing

Inclusiveness is a huge topic that every businesses should be focusing on. Why is inclusive marketing important and why it should be the number one of your list?

What is inclusive marketing?

Most marketing centers around demographics as it pertains to products and promotions. Inclusive marketing is simply marketing that doesn’t target one demographic and doesn’t rely on the traditional stereotypes we set up ourselves and other people. Along with that, inclusive marketing rises above those stereotypes, showing that a brand cares about its customers across all demographics. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the customer’s brand experience. If a brand’s marketing focus is too narrow, customers will be turned off by it.

Beyond that, inclusive marketing should go beyond your business’ audience. It should include the people not just your current client base, but include some other important factors such as sexuality, income, gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, language and ability. This will serve to draw in more potential customers, as your brand will be seen as more open.

Every individual has their own preferences or choices in life. Therefore, it is crucial to have inclusive marketers to identify the differences and create strategies to satisfy the needs of their customers with no one left behind. Along with that, it will more effectively communicate not just to your customers but other groups that potentially will become your customers.

Here are some Do’s and Do not’s in Inclusive Marketing


DO Accommodate Diversity

Not just get the word out there but actually bring people together. Inclusive marketers should take diversity as one of the top considerations in any decision making. In a diverse society, customers or other audiences will expect businesses to understand the way they see in diversity. Limit to resources and knowledge, inclusive marketing personnel need to figure a way to do their best to accommodate every views and ideas, in order to meet the expectations of different groups. team should impose. It should be enhanced to fit the needs of all and should not be looked down.

Inclusive marketing - diversity

DO Show Sensitivity

Messages that appear in every ads will give different perspectives or ideas to different people. Be sensitive to all the content that you will be using in your messages. Words are powerful, it can help you or they can hurt you. Make sure the messages have been gone through different opinions before publishing them. You don’t want to offend any group or current customers. Again, careful with the words choice and delivery methods.

Analyze what you have written before publishing
The don'ts of inclusive marketing

DO NOT Use Others’ Identities as Marketing Tools

Do not use others’ identity to gain your businesses. Unlike magazines or brand product, inclusive marketing does not mean putting things like people of colored or different age group of people as a tool to promote your businesses. In other word, do not build your business by exploring others’ special characters or identities.

DO NOT Lose Your Focus

Although inclusiveness is important to the business, don’t lose your focus on your targeted audience. Be inclusive but still consider your current targeted audiences as priority and accommodate the other groups within your business development.


Changing the way we think – Importance of Inclusive Marketing

In a nutshell, inclusive marketing is a major area that every marketing team should impose. It should be enhanced to fit the needs of all and should not be looked down.