1st Page on GoogleHaving your website ranking on the 1st page on Google is paramount. Many business owners give their blood and sweat to keep their business running. There are days when their desks become their beds & their office their home, that’s how hard they work. Business owners also have the stress of dealing with solicitation phone calls making offers to help them run their business and make theirs the best in the industry.

In today’s digitized world whenever someone faces a dilemma of making any decision or looking for something, ‘Google It’ is most commonly used the phrase by almost everyone as it’s an answer to all their questions. Well, to some extent it is! Given the power of such internet presence among customers, many small businesses receive phone calls offering to get their website on the ‘1st Page on Google’. Being eager to make to keep the business running, many fall into such traps to get their website on the 1st page of Google.

Here is the truth: there is absolutely no guarantee your website will end up on the first page of Google. Not just anyone can get your website on the first page on Google. There many factors involved; one needs to look at all of them to make this happen. Google itself is a systematic engine that processes various website through its database and ranks them accordingly. These ranked websites from top to bottom are the ones that appear in its search results, starting with the top ones.

What does it take to get on 1st Page of Google?

1st page on googleWe will list a few factors below that are simple to understand and can also rank your website better than the others, increasing its probability to appear on the first page on Google. Making your way through the database to score a better rank is not an easy task but also not an impossible one. Following are few minimum criteria one should qualify to cut through the competition and be placed above others.


Websites have a function of providing relevant information for a business and/or brand. Presently, the internet is a go-to place to enhance your business as more people spend 50% their time online. It’s okay if you think your business would work better being promoted offline due to its nature but, the reality is that most of your audiences are online. So it is very important to have a good website design. A good website design is accessible, easy to navigate, fast, responsive and very efficient.

User Experience

One should make sure that the website is fairly easy to navigate. It should not hinder their transitions from one page to another as they might leave your website and go to your competitors’ site. The website should be well structured so that customer goes to the page he wants, finds what he is looking for and can smoothly navigate on your website.

Website Content1st page on google

Website content should be highly relevant to the business. It should provide information related to the given topics. The moment people feel the website is not answering their questions, they can jump off to other websites in 0 seconds.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive websites are highly appreciated by today’s customers. They feel valued when they get a response by the company, be it a representative or just a ‘no-reply’ email; either way it makes them feel heard. Features involving such responsiveness to answer customers’ queries on their website are ranked better by Google as it are more talk about among other customers.

SEO a.k.a Search Engine Optimization

1st page on googleWe believe that prospective customers do not just look for companies and businesses by name anymore. They use words, information, ideas and thoughts to search for services that best suit their needs. This is when SEO (organic search marketing) becomes very useful because it helps prospective customers easily discover businesses that fit their needs.

Search Engine Optimization is a necessary function on every website – without it your website will not be indexed properly by search engines like ‘Google’, Bing or Yahoo!. It is a solid investment which can place your website and your business in front of right people at the right time.

Social Media Marketing

1st page on googleHaving a presence on social media has become of utmost important in today’s world. Social Media Marketing presents a new opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers in a in a fun and engaging way which was unimaginable 10 years ago. Every social media network can be used differently, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube. Through social media networks, you can create/improve your brand awareness, monitor or listen to your customer feedback/complaints, increase connections/followers and can also advertise about your company.

Google now identifies/ranks the website better those websites that have a social media presence. It helps its search engine to map out the most talked/shared/active accounts on social media and connects the same with company’s website. It identifies the same content on the website with its social media profiles and in return pushes the page upwards in google search results. Creating a presence of blogs and other content of your website on social media, and by sharing it on multiple sites helps set up a web of information for search engines to locates your company’s home page.

Back Links – Links to your Website

1st page on googleSocial media where one can create their company’s presence so it’s easier for search engines to connect the links across internet and rank the website better; likewise, we can create the similar presence through online directories. There are various online directories available on the internet, from everything to anything one can think of. Creating accounts of a company on such numerous online directories help create back-links for the company online. These back-links (offsite SEO) creates more online presence, increasing the probability of pushing the website upwards in their search results.

1st page on Google = Hard work!

1st page on googleIt is possible to get your website on the 1st page on Google, but it take a lot of hard work to get there. The three elements we spoke about can definitely help a website rank higher. But these are only 3 of many areas we work on to rank a website on all of the major search engines. One needs to have a good website design that is accessible, easy to navigate, fast, responsive and very efficient. There should be a presence on social media websites, as it is the most convenient way to engage customers online. Create various back-links through having accounts on numerous online directories.

Taking these measures creates a giant hub of connections which can surely help rank a company’s website much better than its competitors. Of course it involves a lot of effort and hard work to continually maintain your position but it is worth the investment!

Being on 1st page on Google is like having ‘Respect’ one cannot simply buy a spot, it needs to be earned!