Increase traffic to your business

The Ad Company – A full-service website design agency – can increase new customers to your business.

Increase traffic to your business

The Ad Company – A full-service website design company – can increase new customers to your business.


As a leading website design & digital marketing company in St Cloud, MN, one of our goals is to build amazing websites that both attract and convert website visitors. In order for this to work, important website design strategies must be set in motion. The Ad Company is a full-service website design & digital marketing agency, that can help you turn internet traffic into qualified in-bound leads with proven digital marketing strategies. We do this through website design, conversion optimization, SEO, social media marketing, and more.


Every business can afford a quality website and SEO

We have listened to you. The days of having to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars upfront are gone.The Ad Company has developed website & SEO packages that can put your business in front of the competition for a low monthly cost. Our website packages include website design & development, SEO, local optimization and content development.

Website design & development – the foundation of digital marketing

A high converting website design is the foundation to all successful digital marketing campaigns. There is a big difference between having  website and having a website that ranks well, attracts internet visitors, and converts those visitors into inbound qualified leads. All digital marketing must start with a solid website design!

Content Marketing

A high converting website is essential in content marketing. These days, the future of a business depends on an effective website design and online content strategy. At the Ad Company, we care about you, your business and your potential clients. So we work tirelessly towards the successful development and attainment of your goals.


Are you looking for the best marketing gurus and graphic designers to handle the creative aspects of your project, brand or business? Look no further than The Ad Company! As a full-service website design agency company, we have proven our creativity and forward thinking to gets results for our clients.

Paid Search

Paid search has become an invaluable form of marketing that links businesses to their prospective audiences through website landing pages. We provide a competitive edge using the latest in high converting website design for our clients to quickly reach out to their potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

Everybody wants to rock their social media. We can make it happen! Through social media marketing, we will connect, engage, and inspire your audience. Our social media experts will take your social media marketing to the next level, making you stand out on social media, all the while driving a significant return of investment (ROI). 

Organic Search Marketing

The point of SEO (organic search engine marketing) is to rank a website on the first page of search results. Are you buried on page 3 of Google? We can help! Trust Us! It’s handled! We are a trusted website design agency who has been performing SEO for years. With our proficiency in organic search (SEO) and website conversion, your business will be a click away from your potential customers.


Lead Generation

Don’t just make them see your website, make them inquire about you. Lead generation can only happen with a high converting website design. Our experienced team will be happy to build you a website that will rank on major search engines and also convert that website traffic into qualified leads for your business.

Email Marketing

At the Ad Company, we know that website design is critical with any email campaign. We do not only see email marketing as a selling tool but as a brand awareness tool – keeping your customers engaged with your brand by interacting with your company website. In turn, converting and retaining more customers. Remember, every email, points to a website. Be sure you have amazing website design and landing pages for your email marketing campaigns.

Reputation Management

Are you worried about your business hitting the rocks based on bad online reviews or are you just looking for the best hands to make your company continue to shine online for your customers? It’s okay, we got you! Having a high converting website designed, is a first step in keeping a good online reputation.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Quality website design will increase qualified inbound lead traffic to your company, and get your website audiences converted quickly for a maximum return on investment, turning your website into a lead generating machine! Whether you have a website or need a new website design, we have you covered. Many times we can work with your current website to increase website conversion.

Graph measuring the success of marketing campaigns

On many occasions, brands are confused with website traffic metrics. In digital marketing, the website traffic numbers do matter but sometimes the numbers can be misleading. Let us help you navigate the maze of website traffic metrics and measure the success of your business internet campaigns in order to drive quality website traffic to your business. We guide you in understanding the overall value of your business’ worth to your audiences. We put our website design expertise to work for your business to make you comfortable while we measure your success with ease. Still confused about how to handle the figures in your business? Let us do the job!

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what our clients say

This is exactly why we picked your company….you guys are outstanding and it’s been a pleasure doing business.

Annie V

Office Manager, St. Cloud Neurobehavioral Associates, PA

I highly recommend The Ad Company for your website and marketing needs. The staff have created a marketing campaign and website that has proven successful! Our website, Jeddeloh Snyder St Cloud Attorneys is professional and a good example of The Ad Company work.

Paul Jeddeloh

Attorney at Law, Jeddeloh Snyder PA

As a small business owner, it’s critical that we promote our business and services in a variety of ways. We have enlisted the expertise of The Ad Company to help us expand our reach via the internet. Our combination of services, especially the odor elimination, can be a challenge for SEO. The Ad Company created a website for us and worked relentlessly to include the best elements for us to get ranked on the first page of Google. They have learned about us, our company, and our services in order to create an awesome website that meets our needs. They have been creative in techniques used to generate quality leads and have been very persistent to continually enhance our web presence. We continually are told by clients that our website is very impressive and we were very easy to find. If you are looking for a team to create an impressive, dynamic website, and increase your lead generation we highly recommend that you contact The Ad Company.

Jay Kellner

Owner, Odor Eliminators


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