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Good Website Design is a Rare Commodity!

Websites have a function of providing relevant information for a business and/or brand. Website design that has a high user experience in paramount. Presently, the internet is a go to place to enhance your business as more people spend half their time online. It’s okay if you think your business would work better being promoted offline due to its nature but, the reality is that most of your audiences are online. Your chances to reach them quickly and convert them into potential clients, will increase with quality website design and good ranking on the major search engines. So, an effective online web presence not only helps businesses become accessible but also keeps businesses very connected to both existing and potential customers. To be successful in the process of accomplishing the goal of attracting new qualified customers, a comprehensive strategy must be in place. A good website design is accessible, easy to navigate, fast, responsive and very efficient.


Effective website design & development

High converting websites must be designed with the user in mind. The information on the website must be easily accessible and something a potential customer / client is looking for. Effective website design also must guide the user to goal. In the content of a website this goal is a phone call to your business or a form submission with there contact information. We call these CTA’s – Call to Action’s.

We utilize the best CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Concrete 5, we design and develop websites that will take your business a step above your competition. We pride ourselves with our history of creating high ranking and high converting websites for our clients. We believe business owners and brand starters like you deserve good websites.

What Makes The Ad Company – Website Design Company – Different?

That is an excellent question to ask while looking for the best a company has to offer in a website design comany. At the Ad Company, we believe in giving value to our clients and providing them with the best possible option for their business. We create everything from small sized websites to large websites, and websites designed for national audiences and everything in-between.

All of our website design & development is done in-house, we never out source. Plus, we have on-site programmers to take care of the more technical back-end website programming: PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Perl, SQL, MySQL. Need an e-commerce website? We can design and develop that too!

Websites made in the USA.


I want a great website!

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Website Development

A effective website design has to be functional, accessible and highly informational. An important approach to creating a relevant website design also depends on an effective strategy and regular website maintenance based on a business’ needs in order to acquire success. It is important to develop an effective strategy that helps in building and maintaining your business online.

Website Design and Layouts

Presentable website design and layouts are directly related to constant traffic and longer stay of viewers to a business page and/or website. These layouts are to be creative, easy to navigate and with a sense of visual appeal to the audiences. Our websites are clean, modern and very functional. Which will increase conversion of your website resulting in more customers.

SEO Friendly Website Design

Having a running website is not enough! There is still a need to make your website visible to both your existing and potential audiences. Your website has to be easily found on major search engines, ranked well and used regularly by these audiences. So, your website must be built with SEO friendly website design, navigation, and mark-up in order for you to convert website traffic into qualified inbound leads and subsequently gain a return on investment (ROI) for your business.


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