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Welcome to our marketing resources page. Here you get to have chance to benefit from our years of marketing and advertising experience. You will find topics ranging from inbound marketing and social media marketing, to website design and organic search (SEO). Some will make you laugh. Some will make you think. And all will help you on your journey to having a better understanding of this crazy and often changing industry called marketing and advertising.

Inbound Marketing Resources

Accurate information is a good thing to have and vital for a business to make good decisions. Below you will find the results of our knowledge and experience concerning marketing, website design, advertising, inbound marketing and more!

SEO is DEAD in 2016

SEO is DEAD in 2016 Yep, we said it: SEO is dead. Do we have your attention now? Businesses, listen up! We can no longer say that SEO is the be-all-end-all of success in digital marketing. Yes, it is important for your website to be on the first page of Google. But...

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Pre-Law: The Rules of Law Firm Website Design

Law and Order of Law Firm Website Design Have questions? Google it. When it comes to questions, the most direct way of finding a solution is "Google it". So what if you are not in the picture of Google? That is, you don't show up when someone searches for your...

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Digital Marketing Tips for Attorneys

Digital Marketing Tips for Attorneys TV commercials, radio, mail ads... Have you tried everything and still don't have the traffic you want? Don’t forget about the Internet! The fast-moving pace of technology has changed the way we use internet in daily life. This...

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Be Nice: Digital Reputation Management

Don't Panic! Digital Reputation Management in Today's World Access to the internet is at our fingertips these days. This high accessibility keeps the power of the internet at our fingertips. It creates an environment that will let your clients or customers giving...

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1st Page on Google – Guaranteed!

Having your website ranking on the 1st page on Google is paramount. Many business owners give their blood and sweat to keep their business running. There are days when their desks become their beds & their office their home, that's how hard they work. Business...

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