Increase traffic to your business

The Ad Company – A full-service marketing agency – can help increase your business.

Increase traffic to your business

The Ad Company – A full-service marketing agency – can help increase your business.


As an Inbound marketing agency, one of our goals is to attract and convert visitors but in order for this to work, important strategies must be set in motion. The Ad Company, is a full service marketing agency, that can help you turn leads into prospective customers with reliable inbound marketing strategies. We do this through lead generation, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, info graphics, video, blogs, and content marketing.


In today’s internet savvy world, customers are as interested in good content as they are with good service. Working with us at The Ad Company would be an easy way for you to attract your potential customers without breaking a sweat. As a full-service marketing agency, some of the many ways we do this are through content marketing, social media marketing, organic search marketing, paid search, and creative methods.

Content Marketing

These days, the future of a business depends on an effective content strategy. At the Ad Company, we care about you, your business and your potential clients. So we work tirelessly towards the successful development and attainment of your goals.


Are you looking for the best marketing gurus and graphic designers to handle the creative aspects of your project, brand or business? Look no further than The Ad Company! As a full-service marketing agency, we have proven our creativity and forward thinking to gets results for our clients.

Paid Search

In recent years, paid search has become an invaluable form of advertising that links businesses to their prospective audiences. We provide a competitive edge for our clients to quickly reach out to their potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

Everybody wants to rock their social media. We can make it happen! Through social media marketing, we will connect, engage, and inspire your audience. Our social media experts will take your social media marketing to the next level, making you stand out on social media, all the while driving a significant return of investment (ROI). 

Organic Search Marketing

The point of SEO (organic search engine marketing) is to rank on the first page of search results. Are you buried on page 3 of Google? We can help! Trust Us! It’s handled! We are a marketing agency who has been performing SEO for years. With our proficiency in SEO, your business will be a click away from your potential customers.


Lead Generation

Don’t just make them see you, make them inquire about you. Our capable team at the Ad Company will be happy to help you build a website that will rank on major search engines and also convert that website into leads for your business.

Email Marketing

At the Ad Company, we do not see email marketing as a selling tool but as a brand awareness tool – keeping your customers engaged with your brand. In turn, converting and retaining more customers.

Reputation Management

Are you worried about your business hitting the rocks based on bad reviews or are you just looking for the best hands to make your company continue to look good before your customers? It’s okay, we got you!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Bypass the hustle and the bustle of lead traffic and get your audiences converted quickly for a maximum return on investment, turning your website into a marketing machine!

On many occasions, brands seem carried away with numbers based on how well their business progress. The numbers do matter but results are better qualifiers of how well a business is doing. Let us help you measure the success of your business in order to drive quality traffic. While most marketing agencies are concerned primarily with the numbers and ratings, we are more concerned with the overall value of your business’ worth to your audiences. And so, irrespective of the marketing analytics, we put in our best efforts to make you comfortable while we measure your success with ease. Still confused about how to handle the figures in your business? Let us do the job!

Who We Are

See the faces behind the work and learn about The Ad Company’s culture.


Jason Phillippi

Jason Phillippi

Managing Partner

Alyssa Phillippi

Alyssa Phillippi

Partner - Creative Director

Kim Eastin

Kim Eastin

Social Media Manager

Krista Schuetzle

Krista Schuetzle

Marketing Specialist

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